Climbing from Rig to Rock

Rope Access

We have been working within rope access for years covering all aspects of rope access to the highest of safety standards using only IRATA trained personnel.   

Eye Bolts

We can install and inspect perminant or temporary anchor bolts which conform to EN795 to be used for rope access, work restraint and fall arrest systems.

NDT Inspection

Using the latest equipment, our technicians can inspect welds and sheet steel to find cracks, inclusions and many other welding defects.

Visual Inspection

In addition to NDT, we have API 510 and API 570 qualified inspectors who can carry out a full inspection to vessels & pipework.

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High level of Safety

We only use IRATA Trained personnel to ensure our clients have the security of knowing the job will be completed to the highest level safety.

Professional Team

All of our employees are hardworking and motivated ensuring all clients work is completed with complete professionalism.

Help & Advice

Be it Rope Access or Rock Climbing, Rigging or Inspection - we can help you decide on the best course of action. Just get in touch for any queries.

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