Rope Access

Climbing from Rig to Rock

Rope Access

What is Rope Access?

Rope access is a method of safely accessing areas typically unreachable by standard methods. Developed from the rock climbing and caving background, rope access is now used worldwide and considerably cheaper and quicker than using scaffolding or mobile elevated work platforms.

Where can we do rope access? 

Rope access can be done in most locations with little impact on the environment around us.  Where common methods to work at height are not always the best suited, rope access requires little space and minimal preparation.

Can anyone do rope access?

At Infinity Access Services we only use IRATA trained personnel to complete work. This way we can ensure that all our technicians have good working knowledge of the industry and how to work carefully and safely.

Rope Access Services

What can we do?

We have completed work in various sectors, both on and offshore.

Why use Rope Access?

Rope Access is quick and affordable. Leaving no traces our technicians can provide a safe way to access the usually inaccessible to complete any work at height.

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